Using a Reverse Mortgage (HECM) for Purchase

Our founder explains how a Reverse Mortgage (HECM) can be used to purchase a home. Q: “How can I use a reverse mortgage to purchase a new home? How does this work?” Answer. While most seniors take out a reverse mortgage to stay in their current home as they get older, most people are unaware of the Reverse Mortgage […]

“How have reverse mortgages changed? Are they safer than they used to be?”

Our founder helps to clarify a common concern regarding the safety of a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, or reverse mortgage. Q. “How have reverse mortgages changed? Are they safer than they used to be?” Answer. Yes! Reverse mortgages have certainly changed over the years, with new requirements to ensure that borrowers are qualified for the loan, and can continue […]

Now Available for Download: The Payless Reverse Mortgage Calculator App!

Announcing the NEW Payless Reverse Mortgage Calculator App, now available for download for Apple and Android devices. How much equity can you tap into? Payless Reverse Mortgage’s simple reverse mortgage calculator can help you find out. The app is accurate, quick, easy to use and best of all… FREE!   All you need to do upon downloading […]

Reverse Mortgages: “What Happens to My Home When I Pass Away?”

Our founder helps to clarify the most common question potential borrowers ask when considering a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage. Q. “What happens to my home when I pass away? Does the government take it?” NO! Answer. This is our most common question regarding Reverse Mortgages. Clients are concerned that if they take out a Reverse Mortgage (or HECM) […]