Keith Murphy is the founder of Payless Reverse Mortgage. He has worked in the mortgage business for over 20 years, specializing in government-insured loans such as reverse mortgage. Mr. Murphy decided to shift the focus of his nationally recognized company to a more regional model in order to make a positive impact on his community. Especially for older citizens (62 is definitely not old!) – who represent a large portion of the California population.

The mission of Payless Reverse Mortgage is to provide our clients with expertise and education about the ins and outs of reverse mortgages with a high level of personal interaction, service and value. Mr. Murphy believes that any big financial decision should be highly considered – by all parties who matter to his clients. What does that mean? Payless Reverse Mortgage recommends that you consult with family members, financial advisors and CPAs to ensure a reverse mortgage is right for your financial future.

Mr. Murphy is very active in Orange County. As a resident of San Clemente, he is highly involved with his wife and family, coaching baseball and football with his sons and trying to keep up with his young daughter – and two dogs.

Education has always been important, beginning with Mr. Murphy’s B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts – augmented by his significant and ongoing education in the financial services and loan industries. He is also affiliated with respected organizations who support ethical business practices and advocacy for the aging.

Payless Reverse Mortgage invites you to call us at 800-345-2044 Monday – Friday, between 8am & 5pm PST. Or, send us an email ( with any questions you may have.

California Department of Real Estate, Real Estate Broker #01878430 NMLS# 305906

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